We have professional teams in both China and U.S to serve on China and U.S specific LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) to achieve seamless optimization and high efficiency.

We rely upon the training facilities and systems of TOP College in China to accommodate your HR requirements. We have trained a pool of LPO workers from China’s increasing engineering graduates who are more than willing to work. We can also maintain a pool of workers at your behest who are well versed in your firm’s product and services at a minimum cost to you.

Our LPO services can lower your cost by at least seventy-five (75%) per cent. For example, our partial patent application service will greatly save your patent attorney’s time while still maintaining the same quality in his or her work product. Further, we also do other types of legal outsourcing work such as patent search in Chinese that can benefit or add value to your firm.

We have 18 years experience of LPO service. Our clients include major law firms and Fortune 500 firms.